Meet Pastor Billy Krills

Amber, Miryam, Holly & Billy

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Hello! My name is Billy Krills and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ.

I’m married to my wife Holly and together we have two daughters – Amber and Miryam.

Things we share in common are a love for the outdoors and simple pleasures like a campfire or a canoe ride.

I serve as the Senior Pastor of BFC where Worship, the proclamation of the Word, and the Equipping of Christ’s Church for works of service are foundational to the call there. 

In addition to serving at BFC, I am employed full-time by the Akron Area YMCA as their Properties Director and Chaplin for Camp Y Noah, in Green Ohio.

Both inside and outside of the walls of the church, I am committed to the work of, “being a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus.”