Starting Sunday, June 25 through Thursday June 29

Each evening from 6 to 8:30

“Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex!” Psalm 139:14

You are God’s masterpiece!

God has made you for a purpose!

In a day and age where people of all ages struggle to find their meaning in life, we are excited to share with our children at Vacation Bible School this year that they were designed by a Creator for a purpose and that each and everyone of them is beautiful and wonderful and loved!

Everyday of VBS at Brewster Friends you child will learn a simple but important Bible Point, a easy to remember Bible verse to help make that point, a Bible story that teaches that point, and meet a Bible buddy that helps them remember the lesson.  Along with those important Bible lessons, they were learn new songs (along with some motions and dance moves), do science experiments, make crafts, watch purposeful videos, play fun games, and more! And each step of the way, everything they do will be reinforcing that simple Bible point for the evening.  After the full week, your child will have seen and heard of all of the purpose that God has for them now and in their future.

To help us better prepare for our exciting, fun filled week, we would encourage you to fill out this simple online registration form.  While we never know how many kids will be a part of each night of our VBS, this can help us be ready to make the most of each night!

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