Brewster Friends Church is a community of Christ followers called to share the love of Jesus Christ with each other, our community, and the world.  We aim to connect to God’s unfailing love through providing opportunities to worship, proclaiming a message of love, hope, peace, and grace based upon the message of Jesus Christ, joining together in fellowship with each other and with others in our community, and serving the Kingdom of God by reaching out to the poor, hungry, homeless, and hurting in our world.  We seek to fulfill this purpose through who we are together as a community and how we live our lives everyday.

Hear about who we are as a church community from the words of our members!

Brewster Friends Church is…

  • “uplifting to me”
  • “a place of growth”
  • “a gift from God in every way”
  • “a vital part of the Body of Christ seeking to be a light in the community of Brewster and beyond.  We’re far from perfect but striving to be the hands of Jesus to a world that is in darkness.  We are not ashamed of the gospel…”
  • “where I come to worship God.  People who attend are caring people.  I call them all my family and friends.  I accepted Jesus in this church in 1980.”
  • “an imperfect place full of imperfect people trying with all their heart to bring a perfect Savior glory through service and devotion.  The secret of our unity and source of our strength is in never forgetting that ‘we love much for we have been forgiven much’ “
  • “a place of love, healing, and hope.  The people that make up the church are an encouragement to any and all who walk through the door.  A place where the truth is proclaimed and the truth is such a liberating and freedom maker for all who embrace it.”
  • “where I am continuously challenged to know and serve the Lord.”
  • “What got me through the most devastating period of time in my life.  Brewster Friends Church is part of my family.  You were there in my darkest hour.  If it hadn’t been for Pastor Vance and Amanda, and my church family, I could have given up very easily.  I feel like they are there facing everything with me.   The church has been there encouraging me, picking me up when I am down, just letting me know how much they love me.  All of your comforting words, cards, visits, hugs mean so very much.  I don’t get to tell everyone how much that means but Brewster Friends Church is very special.”
  • “It isn’t so much the Friends church, but the people in it and how they believe.  There are some things I still don’t understand about Friends but overall they still put God first and in today’s world that’s what count.  I’m so glad that God sent us pastors that walk the talk…”
  • “a warm and friendly place to worship God and hear Biblical truths in a clear, appealing way that helps keep me on the path to being the kind of person Jesus wants me to be.”


Brewster Friends Church is a member of the Evangelical Friends Church – Eastern Region.  Find out more about the EFC-ER at and about our missionaries at or .